Autumn Afternoon

Watercolor This is the old downtown area of Denver. When I was young, it was old and forgotten. Today it is revitalized, and the place to go for a nice afternoon walk. This was shown in a National Exhibition.

All Tied Up

Watercolor This was painted from a location on the Maritime Wharf in San Francisco. This has shown in a National Exhibition.

Church House

Watercolor It was early evening at the artist Fredric Church’s House in upstate New York, when I discovered this view from the back of his home.

Dublin, Ireland

Watercolor An early Sunday morning in Dublin.

Oakland Temple Through Fountain

Watercolor This temple, a distinguished landmark in the San Francisco Bay location, sits like a beacon on a high hill in Oakland California and welcomes everyone. Its beauty and tranquility is a respite in this busy world.

Quaking Aspens

Watercolor Growing up in Colorado, I had the opportunity to see the beautiful forests of aspens. The brilliant fall colors of turning aspens and ferns is a pleasure to behold. This has been shown in a National Exhibition.

Dusting of Snow at Twilight

Watercolor This is the high plateau area near my cabin in the mountains. This area reminded me of Colorado where I grew up. This was shown in a National Exhibition and was granted an award.

Lunch at the Met

Watercolor My friend is in the red coat, on the steps of the Metropolitan Museum of Art in New York City. There were so many interesting characters to paint on those steps. This was shown in a National Exhibition in New York.

First Snow

Watercolor This old tree stump was on our property in the mountains. It had interesting root designs and color. The soft snow lay over it in a light embrace. This painting has been shown in National Exhibitions and has been granted awards. It was also included in a book on painting.

Pike’s Place Market

Watercolor This night scene of a fruit stand at the market has an influence of some of the old instructors I studied watercolor with.