Meet the Artist


“The subject
dictates the medium
and technique.”

My artist’s statement is that I love to paint. I strive to make an individual statement about life. I prefer to work in a representational style, as this style lends itself to a wide range of interpretations. To me, a painting must be simply stated, while allowing the subject to dictate the medium and technique.

My pieces hang in collections throughout the world and are catalogued in numerous museums. I have displayed paintings in exhibitions nationally and internationally, and have been the recipient of numerous awards. American Artist Magazine featured an article about my distinctive use of color and the following books have included my work in their texts:


The Artist’s Sketchbook by Lucy Watson
Keys to Painting Fruit and Flowers by Rachel Rubin Wolf
Painting Great Pictures from Photographs by Hazel Harrison
Best of Flower Painting by Rachel Rubin Wolf
Splash 4, the Splendor of Light by Rachel Rubin Wolf
Creative Watercolor the step-by- step Guide and Showcase by Mary Ann
Creative Computer Tools for Artists by Jann Pollard and Jerry Little


Melanie was recently awarded the Joan Roche Memorial Award for the painting “Last Light of Summer” in the Signature American Watercolor Exhibition at the Fallbrook Arts Center in Fullerton, CA. It is a watercolor painting of two of her granddaughters, dancing to the last lights of summer.